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  • 🆕 Dev News & Remote Jobs #1 | What to Do After a Coding Challenge

🆕 Dev News & Remote Jobs #1 | What to Do After a Coding Challenge

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Welcome back to another edition of LevelUp! A warm "Bienvenido" and "Bem-vindo" to all our subscribers. Thank you to our 34,489 members for your continued support. Please feel free to share this link with your colleagues!

📌 Make Your Mark: What to Do After a Coding Challenge

After a coding challenge, quickly send a thank-you email to highlight your enthusiasm and a key moment from the session. Keep it professional and to the point.

If you don’t hear back within a week, it’s smart to follow up. Meanwhile, keep sharpening your skills—this shows you’re proactive and ready for the next steps. This approach not only keeps you in play but also demonstrates your commitment and professionalism to potential employers.

🧠 Smart Pills

📆 Events

Thank you, Argentina! 🇦🇷🧉

Last week in Buenos Aires, we connected with over 115 local developers in Palermo, all excited about technology and remote work opportunities in the U.S. The event was filled with great conversations and networking.

We also added some fun by giving away "materas," which were a hit! It was an excellent opportunity to engage with the tech community in Buenos Aires.

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Stephanie Cerf - Head of Community at TECLA.