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Master Your Virtual Interview

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Zooming into Your Next Career Goal? Master the Virtual Interview

It's no secret that remote work is now the rule, not the exception, but what does this shift mean for professionals in Latin America like you?

Mastering virtual interviews with top tech firms takes more than tech skills - it's about impressing remotely. We provide the tools for every step, from setup to post-interview etiquette. Scroll down to find out!

From Hurdles to Triumphs: Embrace the Present of Interviews  💯

In the following sections, we'll show you exactly how. 

86% of companies (as recent studies show) have switched to remote interviews. Exciting? Absolutely! Challenging? A bit, but that's where the opportunity lies.

Concerned about weak Wi-Fi or showing enthusiasm virtually? You're not alone. Yet, these challenges present opportunities to stand out.

Your Setup Winning Checklist to Virtual Interviews! 

Your presentation must be as professional and polished online as it would be in person, and that starts with the proper setup.

  • Location: Your kitchen may be cozy, but there might be better places to discuss your coding prowess. Find a quiet, clutter-free space that screams, "I'm serious about this job."

  • Light Up Your Skills: Literally! Position your light source behind the camera to illuminate your face without shadows. Let them see your confidence shine.

  • Sound Off: Invest in a good microphone or headset. Your articulate answers deserve to be heard without interference.

  • Practice Makes Perfect with Google's Tool: Want to take a test run before the big day? Google's interview practice tool is a game-changer. Simulate real interview scenarios, practice coding questions, and even receive AI-driven feedback. It's like having an interview rehearsal at your fingertips.

  • Stable Connection: Buffering during an interview can be catastrophic. Ensure a stable connection by:

    • Checking Internet Speed:

      Go to on a browser.

      Click "Start" to see your download and upload speeds

      Using an ethernet cable if WiFi is weak

Mastering Virtual Interview Communication! 🗣️

They say communication is critical, but what does that look like when your interviewer is miles away, and a screen mediates your conversation?

Non-Verbal Communication: Did you know that according to Communication Studies, over 55% of communication is non-verbal? That's right, your body talks, even on a screen.

👉 Eye Contact: Look into the camera, not the screen. It creates an eye-to-eye connection, just like an in-person chat.

👉 Body Language: Sit tall, gesture naturally, and smile confidently. It says, "I'm ready for this!"

👉 Voice Modulation: Your tone can be your secret weapon. Enthusiasm in your voice can turn a standard answer into a memorable one.

Managing Technical Issues: Because even the best-laid plans can hit a snag.

🔧 Stay Calm: Glitches happen. Breathe, smile, and move on. Your ability to adapt on the fly? That's an asset.

🔧 Have a Backup: Know the interviewer's contact information. A quick email or call can save the day.

🔧 Communicate Clearly: If something goes wrong, explain the issue concisely and resolve it efficiently. Your problem-solving skills are on display here, too.

Remote interviews aren't just about what you say but how you handle the unexpected. Next stop? Nailing the follow-through.

Follow-Up Etiquette in Job Interviews! 🤝

The digital ink has barely dried on your interview, and it's time to craft that perfect thank-you note.

🤔 Why? A simple "thank you" isn't just polite; it's strategic. It shows you're engaged, appreciative, and attentive to details.

How? Be genuine and specific. Thank them for their time, reference a unique part of your conversation, and reiterate your enthusiasm for the role.

Additional Resources 

We want you to have everything you need at your fingertips, so we've gathered some must-have resources:

  • Interview Practice Questions: Read our past edition on this topic here. Also, discover our lessons from Boost on this topic to discover ways to start your interview and how to answer some tricky interview questions.

  • Mock Interview Platforms: Practice makes perfect.

    1. Pramp: Offers free peer-to-peer timed practice interviews, simulating real-time interview pressure.

    2. Provides anonymous technical interview practice with engineers from top tech companies like Google and Amazon.

    3. LeetCode: A favorite for coding practice, LeetCode's interview simulations focus on questions commonly asked by leading tech firms.


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Stephanie Cerf - Head of Community at TECLA.