How to Crush Your First 90 Days in Your New Job 💥

Insights from Recruiters

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Why the First 90 Days Are a Game-Changer

The first 90 days in your new job are your golden ticket. This edition explores effective tactics to help you stand out during your first three months.

One of our expert recruiters, Maria Laura, puts it best: "First impressions matter. The initial days are your canvas, so be a sponge and soak up knowledge like there's no tomorrow."

Ready to crush those first 90 days? 👇

Skills That Set You Apart 📌

If you think your technical skills alone will carry you, think again.

"Hard skills get you the job, but soft skills help you keep it."

Traits like initiative, adaptability, and collaboration are critical cultural indicators that U.S. employers value.

In Emily's words, showing a proactive approach is essential, even if you're a newbie. "It's crucial to be eager to learn and solve problems," she says.

"Also, being actively involved from the time you accept the job offer until your first day is a compelling sign of your professional attitude toward the team."

In those first 90 days, you're not just working; you're actively demonstrating your worth. So show up, speak up, and most importantly, never stop learning.

Mastering Communication and Presence 🗣️

How you communicate during your first 90 days can make or break your career trajectory within a new company.

“Communication issues often spiral into reasons for letting someone go during those first three months. Whether it's not being open about encountering problems or needing more transparency, the real culprit is a failure to communicate effectively.”

Maria Paz, our recruiting manager, emphasizes asking many questions during onboarding. No one expects you to know it all, but they expect you to get the lay of the land as quickly as possible.

Both recruiters agree: good communication and quick adaptation are must-haves, not nice-to-haves.

Be the Driver, Not Just a Passenger: Proactivity and Adaptation 🚀

Being proactive and adaptable isn't optional—it's a must.

"Proactivity and independence make you a standout. Learn quickly and always strive for more. Don't just wait for directions; anticipate the next move."

Emily underscores the need for a proactive approach and a keenness to learn and problem-solve. She notes that successfully navigating the unknown often leads to excelling in familiar settings. In short, don't just do what's asked—do what's needed and then some.

Maria Laura adds:

"Flexibility and empathy are your tools for quick adaptation. Listen to your team's feedback as golden opportunities to improve."

How Team Dynamics Influence Your Success 🤝

Being in sync with your team amplifies the impact of your skills and proactivity.

"In our follow-ups with clients, we often hear how well a new hire fits in with the team. When your team speaks highly of you, it's a seal of approval."

Forge authentic connections, keep the lines of communication open, and be a team player. Think about it: Your teammates are your most valuable references. When they vouch for you, it speaks volumes to your boss—looking for long-term success? Make sure your team would bet on you every time.

Your First 90 Days: The Launchpad to Liftoff 🛫

Here's a quick recap: Your first 90 days are your proving ground. From mastering soft skills and honing communication to being proactive and fitting in with your team, these early days set the stage for your career. Our recruiters have said and seen it in the data—this is your make-or-break moment.

How did your first 90 days in your new role go? We'd love to hear your experiences! Join us on Discord, where over 1,800 remote professionals are eager to discuss this topic with you.


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