💯 The Direct Link Between Creativity and Career Success

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  • Sr. Product Manager: This role demands a visionary with a passion for delivering next-generation solutions and a knack for strategic leadership.
    Salary: $5,000 - $7,000.

  • Sr. Backend Developer (PHP): Spearheaded new feature development and third-party integrations. 
    Salary: $4,000 - $5,000.
    Open to Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico. 

  • Customer Support Analyst: Utilize your expertise in Zendesk to help users navigate this SaaS platform effectively. 
    Salary: $2,000.

  • Email Marketing Specialist: Enhance diabetic care with your expertise in email and SMS marketing, driving engagement and educating customers on secure medical adhesive solutions.
    Salary: $1,500.

  • Facebook Ads Specialist: Propel care through innovative ad campaigns, crafting and managing strategies that enhance user engagement and sales.
    Salary: $1,500.

  • Virtual Assistant: Support the forefront of healthcare innovation by assisting the CEO with daily operations. 
    Salary: $900.

A study by IBM, involving 1,500 executives, identified creativity as the top skill they seek. Yet, it remains one of the most underutilized assets among professionals.

 How to Cultivate Creativity in Your Career 🖌️

Stepping into different fields can boost your creativity. Studies, like from Harvard Business Review, show that learning from areas outside your own can bring up new ideas.

“Sport has significantly contributed to my skills in organization and persistence, as well as my ability to work in teams and understand the role of each member. Basketball introduced me to these concepts, and swimming reinforces an old saying that resonates with me: 'The warrior who trains the most daily is the one who bleeds the least in battle.” 

Fede Morales, from our LatamRemoters Community on Discord

🤯 The Practical Impact of Creativity in Tech

Creativity in your career means thinking differently to come up with unique products or features. It's about asking "what if" and exploring ideas that might seem out there at first. This creative mindset can lead to amazing discoveries and innovations that set your work apart in a crowded market.

Using these creative approaches not only drives innovation but also sets you apart.

How Can You Start Your Creative Journey 🚧

Try joining a project that's different from what you usually do or start a brainstorming session with people who think differently. These steps can open your mind to new ideas

Also, trying hobbies that make you think, like chess, can sharpen your problem-solving skills for work. Painting to relax your mind, writing to get ideas out, playing an instrument for new ways of thinking, or cooking to mix creativity and logic. These can all bring up your creative side

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