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👉 DBA (Data Engineering: Help lead the charge in cutting transportation costs. Get hands-on with database management, software development, and crafting data solutions using our top cloud.
Salary: $5,800 - $6,200.

👉 Sr. Product Manager: Shape our client's key Outlook tool and steer a top team from Amazon, Uber, and more to create cutting-edge tools for work.
Salary: $5,000 - $7,000. 

👉 Sr. Growth Manager: Take our AI tool to the next level. Use your skills in SEO, social media, and more to help our startup grow.
Salary: $5,000 - $6,000

👉 DevOps Engineer: Change the game in data analysis with our client's ETL tool. Get into AWS, and work with CI/CD pipelines.
Salary: $5,000 - $5,800.

👉 Web Developer (Low Code): Make a real impact by connecting refugees to work opportunities. Use your skills in Softr, Airtable, and more to build websites that help over 350 major companies empower refugees.
Salary: $3,500 - $4,100 (Open to 🇲🇽 Mexico Only).

👉 Frontend Engineer: Play a big part in how people see web3. Work in a place where your love for JS, Typescript, and crypto comes together.
Salary: Based on experience. 

Learning how to be a great product manager doesn't just help if you want to be one. These skills - like organizing a team, making smart decisions, and understanding what users need - are useful in other areas too.

They help you get better at your job, no matter your profession.

🤩 Key Skills of a Sr. Product Manager and Their Universal Benefits 

Being a top-notch Sr. Product Manager means you're good at a few key things

  • Understanding AI and tech stuff like machine learning.

  • Organizing projects and teams well.

  • Figuring out what new things products need.

But these skills aren't just for product managers. They're useful for almost any job. They help you manage projects better, work with others more effectively, and come up with fresh, smart ideas.

📌 Skill Development Tips

To get better at the skills you need as a Product Manager, here are some courses you might want to check out:

👉 For AI and Machine Learning:

  • Harvard University: Artificial Intelligence in Business

  • Google Cloud: Machine learning and artificial intelligence

  • Harvard University: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python

  • Udacity: Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree

👉 For Organizational Skills and Leadership:

  • Edapp: Communication in Project Management

  • LinkedIn Learning: Organizational Leadership

Tech is changing fast, especially with AI and machine learning shaping how products are made. If you're a Sr. Product Manager, you've got to be on top of your tech game, making decisions based on solid data. Making easy-to-use stuff is a must now. 

Do you have these skills already? Apply to our Sr. Product Manager role 👇

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Stephanie Cerf - Head of Community at TECLA.