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In-Demand Skills for Latin American Remote Workers in U.S. Companies

Nearly a third of remote workers from Latin America are already making their mark in U.S. companies. So, how do you set yourself apart in this crowded field? Whether you're building the next hit app or mastering a marketing plan, your skills are your career's foundation.

This guide is your go-to resource. We'll cover in-demand programming languages and highlight sales and marketing skills that are getting noticed.

Coding Skills That Open Doors 🔑

The languages you master can be your golden ticket. Juan from our LatAm Remoters community hit the nail on the head: "More than a language, I see an increment in the requirement of AWS knowledge for either backend or frontend developers." AWS is no longer optional; it's a rite of passage in today's job market.

But what about programming languages? Paolo chips in with a timely insight into our community discussion: "Python has been growing a lot, too." Python isn't just a trend—it's a powerhouse, especially if you're gunning for AI or Machine Learning roles. Fede echoes this sentiment, adding, "Python is the basement of AI and Machine Learning... On the other hand, I saw a lot of JavaScript and languages related to Front/full stack developers."

Having a range of skills is essential, not optional. Whether it's AWS, Python, or JavaScript, the right programming language could land you your ideal career. Don't overlook other key skills like SQL or C++ either.

Don't Be a One-Trick Pony: Versatility is Key 💡 

Specializing in one skill is good but can put you in a box. Today's job market values versatility. In the tech world, that means being a Python expert and having a handle on other languages like Node.js. You're more appealing to employers when you can wear multiple hats.

And it's not just tech; in marketing or sales, having skills beyond your primary role can set you apart. Familiarity with platforms like HubSpot or Salesforce can make you indispensable, covering everything from sales funnels to customer service.

👉 Bottom line: The more versatile your skill set, the more opportunities come your way.

Real Stories, Real Success from LatAm Remoters 🚀

These insights aren't just industry chatter; they're also from our LatAm Remoters community, home to more than 1,780 remote professionals across Latin America. Sebzanga notes the rising demand for "Java, Net, Python, Node.js, and React." Lucia observes an uptick in "Java positions and AWS knowledge."

Balbinator says, "Go is showing up a lot, not as the main requirement, but as a nice to have." Julian is also seeing a trend: "I'm getting a lot of job offers related to Golang. Js/ts is always required too."

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Resources & Action Steps 🎯

🔥 For the Tech-Savvy:

  • Codecademy: Perfect for brushing up on Python, Java, or Node.js.

  • Udemy Bootcamps: Comprehensive courses in Net and React.

  • Coursera: Specializations in AWS and Go.

🚀 For Sales & Marketing Professionals:

  • HubSpot Academy: Master the art of CRM and inbound marketing.

  • Google's Digital Garage: Ace your digital marketing skills.

  • LinkedIn Learning: Sales tactics for the modern world.


  • 🛠️ Architect the future of e-commerce software tools as a Sr. Staff Engineer! Lead complex projects and bring visionary technical solutions to life while earning $6,500 - $9,500.

  • 💼 Master the art of code as a Web Developer (React & TypeScript)! Earn $6,000 - $7,000 while shaping innovative solutions that redefine business efficiency. Be a part of something extraordinary!

  • 🎮 Redefine play as a Sr. Frontend Engineer (React/Typescript) for the digital age! With a salary of $5,000 - $6,500, your code will breathe life into AI-powered toys and gaming experiences.

  • 💘 As a Sr. Fullstack Engineer (React/AWS), reimagine love's digital frontier! With a salary range of $4,500 - $5,500, you'll be the technical heartbeat in a venture transforming couples counseling for the modern world.

  • 💻 Navigate the digital realm's most iconic toys as a Database Administrator (MongoDB)! Earn $3,000 - $4,200 and be the guardian of data that delights millions.

  • 🧠 Be the brain behind the bots as an Implementation Specialist! Engineer seamless workflows with generative AI and redefine business efficiency while earning $2,500 - $3,000.

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Stephanie Cerf - Head of Community at TECLA.